This site is built on Markdown and some scripts. Pretty much ghetto Jekyll.

Static (The O.G) Websites

Websites are text and multmedia files. When a user-agent (ie, Mosaic web browser) asks for resource via a request (HTTP GET), the server will attempt to transmit it.

Most websites from the 90s used this simple model.

Websites had low footprint in response and resources

Try surviving on 16kb/s on modern websites
Some people still rely on satellite internet…

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites operates when web resources are generated on the fly through code. The same URL can return different content depending on context. Usually, there exists a database where actual content is stored.

Most websites today are feature rich and use dynamic server backends to achieve this. You have newsfeeds, BBS forums, wikis, social media, online shops are driven by powerful server backends.


You need to setup and maintain an dynamic server which introduces attack vectors
and requires migration when updating
You will need to learn to code for your website
You will need to learn to code securely and always do so
Your site response time becomes slower
Your site becomes more difficult to cache


Your site will be feature rich
Your site will have bugs

For a personal site like this one, dynamic websites don’t offer much. Simplicity is beautiful if only for the fact it saves on website maintenace headaches :P .

While browsers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated, running games and maybe even entire operating systems in the future, I remind people that they were simpler timeswhen a plain HTML page was all you needed to be heard.