About Me

The internet is a vast sea of viral memes and strange curiosities. But like the real ocean, it can be difficult to navigate, to search and index. Netizens typically flock to established centralized news sites and social media pages to more easily connect with others. But at the beginning, the net was decentralized and fragmented and heterogeneous.

Just as it is important in real life to form an identity to which to attach yourself, I have deemed this part of the internet, or at least this domain name, or even just the name “nabulator” for myself. The name itself is just a sequence of letters and is by no means unique, just like real names. I am sure there are many other people who call themselves “nabulator” or use it’s name but not everyone out there is me.

The advantage of making your own space is you get to make your own rules. Most people don’t read the Privacy Policy or Terms of Service of a site, which are contracts of sorts. The only real explicit rule I have here for Attribution, although it’s hardly enforceable. Still, it’s much easier to procure rules for reading then it is for generating and moderating content, which is a entirely different challenge and worth writing about in itself.

It’s my hope that what little footprint I may leave behind in this endless digital fabric will be interesting to someone or something in someway or somehow.


March 2021